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Climbing in the grampians

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Climbing Tower *Coming Soon*

We are in the planning stage of building a 4 faced climbing tower. This will be used for preparation and teaching on a number of different levels. This will be used to prepare complete beginners and instill confidence and familiarisation in a controlled environment before going out into the mountains. It can also be used to refresh seasoned climbers who can use the tower to hone skills and test equipment. The tower design maximises the area and ranges from climbs for complete beginners to challenging climbing for the advanced.

Climbing in the Grampians

The Grampians boasts some of the most beatiful and challenging climbing and is renound on the world stage for the quality. After a refresher or introduction lesson on the climbing tower, Gumnut Adventures will take you and your group out to visit a range of different climbing sites throughout the mountain range depending on your group’s abilities.